Property Maintenance

property maintenance

Fivepoint Landscaping and Services’ full-service property maintenance crew is second to none. Our professionals can take care of virtually anything exterior to your home or cottage, leaving you much, much more time to enjoy it.

In the spring, we’ll come to your property to clean up deadfall and clear away any composting leaf litter, debris, and dead vegetation. These can smother your emerging grass and perennials and negatively impact the health of your soil. If your siding has taken on some winter dirt, we’ll power wash it back to cleanliness. To keep things looking sharp, we can also clean up any docks, decks, or patios that need it.

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As warmer weather approaches, we’ll prepare your garden beds for planting, cut back and divide perennials, amend your soil, aerate your lawn, and plant annuals. 

In addition, we’ll prune trees and shrubs for aesthetics and to encourage healthy growth. 

Need some suggestions on the best plants for your particular location? We’ve got you covered. Fivepoint’s many years of experience planting in Muskoka’s unique terrain have given us the know-how to help you avoid disappointment and save you time and money.

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As fall arrives, we’ll help you get ready for what’s coming by raking up yard debris, preparing your garden beds for winter, draining your water features, and clearing your eavestroughs. When winter comes, we can do your snow plowing and walkway clearing, making it easy for you to come to the cottage for a cozy weekend.

Our maintenance services are contract-based, which ensures you have regular property services throughout the season or year.


Property maintenance

Spring Clean up

Property will be cleaned of all litter, leaves, twigs, and debris accumulated over the winter.

Leaf blowing of all walkways and paths.

Maintenance to trees as necessary to promote proper shape and vigor.

Redefine any existing edging of plant beds, shrub, tree, and hedge areas.

Supply and apply a well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer to all lawn areas and garden bed

Removal of tree stakes, deer fencing inspection and dead wooding

Lawn Care

Trimming of shrubs and hedges that are six feet tall or less during growing period, up to three times per season. Shrubs and bushes taller than six feet will be considered naturally growing and are not included in this contract.

Throughout the growing season, any pathways, roadways, driveways, patios, or front walks showing signs of vegetation growth to be removed, as necessary.

Cutting weekly, weather permitting, of all lawns during the period of growth, not less than three inches and not more than three and a half  inches high, starting the first week of May until around the middle of October. Before mowing lawns, paper debris will be picked up.

Leaf blowing of walkways and paths.

Trimming will be done around walkways, light structures, walls, fences, and edges. 

Clippings shall be collected in mower bags and disposed of.

yard maintenance

Weeding and edging of beds, tree rings and shrubs will be done twice monthly.

Pruning plant material and deadheading of expired blooms. where applicable.

Leaf blowing of walkways and paths.

Raking of beaches.

Annual planter maintenance if planted by Fivepoint.

Hedge trimming, pruning of trees and dead wooding.

Fluffing of mulch around high visual areas.

Watering of planters upon request

Fall Clean up

Grass will continue to be cut until the middle of October or until the growth stops or weather permits.

Cut back perennials from plant beds and planters.

General clean up including raking and removing debris, dead leaves from all lawn, beds, tree rings, shrub, and hedge areas as necessary until ground is frozen.

Supply and apply well-balanced, slow-release fertilizer to all lawn areas to ensure good root development.

Empty annual planters or annuals in beds.

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