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Landscape design and practical landscape planning can happen at any stage of a property’s development, but many people don’t realize that it’s never too early to begin, even if you’re still in the process of designing a new home or cottage. 

With Muskoka’s rocky terrain and many beautiful waterways, proper drainage and water management below ground are especially vital to vibrant growth and flourishing vegetation above ground, it’s ideal to get your landscape designer involved at stage one.

There are multiple cost savings to be had by working with one contractor who has the skills, experience, and professionalism to work with architects, designers, and builders. We will represent your interests and budget as they relate to the ultimate vision you have for your property’s landscaping.


Our approach is that proper landscape design requires a set of “blueprints,” just like a building. When builders or homeowners kick the can down the road by thinking of landscaping as something that “comes later,” we see a lot of lost money, lost time, redoing, and backtracking.

Whether you’re getting started on your landscaping project before you’ve even begun to build or planning to enhance your established home or cottage with a professionally designed landscape. Fivepoint Landscaping and Services is the very best choice to help you realize your vision. Our designers use GPS and CAD technology to customize a landscaping plan to your taste and your property’s unique features, including elevation, exposure, soil properties, and expected uses.

We’re also very familiar with the by-laws and regulations that govern what can and can’t be planted in certain areas of Muskoka, and whenever necessary we can represent your interests in seeking permits from local municipalities. 

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