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If there’s one part of life in Muskoka that isn’t the envy of the world, it’s the establishment, upkeep, and liability that comes with private cottage roads. In our climate, poorly built or inconsistently maintained roads quickly degrade and become not just unpleasant, but downright dangerous. Fivepoint Landscaping and Services can put your mind at rest. Our extensive cottage road maintenance services will ensure that your private road remains functional and safe year-round. 

Lake of Bays Muskoka Cottage Road Services
Lake of Bays Cottage Road Services & Grading

cottage road

Our services related to cottage road maintenance include ditch and culvert installation, roadside brushing, grading, gravelling, dust control, storm cleanup, tree trimming, and snow plowing. In addition, we have the experience and equipment to address road integrity issues such as washboarding, potholes, water pooling, and washouts. We offer yearly service contracts for cottage road maintenance. 

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