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excavation and

Fivepoint Landscaping and Services has extensive experience with excavation and site preparation for construction. We have the machinery, expertise, and training for land clearing, site preparation, excavation, grading, utility installation and foundation excavation, ensuring that building can get started as safely and efficiently as possible.

With Muskoka’s terrain, site preparation often involves blasting, rock removal, and tree clearing. At Fivepoint, we’ll come in for any or all of the site-preparation process.

Lake of Bays Muskoka Excavation & Site Preparation Services
Lake of Bays Muskoka Road Services
Lake of Bays Muskoka Grading and Excavation Services
Lake of Bays Muskoka Site Preparation Services for Cottage Foundation


Starting with land and tree clearing, we’ll remove and dispose of all vegetation necessary, including trees, shrubs, and stumps.

If your lot requires rock blasting, we’ll manage this process with a trusted professional in a safe and controlled manner and remove the rock pieces from the construction site.

Our services can include site surveying, soil testing, the installation of water management and septic systems. We also prepare sites for construction by building access roads and driveways. 

Our equipment and experience give us the versatility to take on practically any type of site work, from working with electricians, propane companies, hydro companies, and municipalities to install water and sewer hookups.

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